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import syscall

"Syscall" is a low-level standard library that operates at the system level, designed for interacting with the operating system and delving into the realm of C language integration. It essentially mirrors Linux system calls, using the same system call parameters, so there's no need for an in-depth explanation of the purpose of each system call. Each system call can be affected by the operating system, leading to potential errors, which can be captured using a "try" mechanism.




type stat_t = struct {
u64 dev
u64 ino
u64 nlink
u32 mode
u32 uid
u32 gid
u32 __pad0
u64 rdev
i64 size
i64 blksize
i64 blocks
timespec_t atim
timespec_t mtim
timespec_t ctim
arr<i64,3> __unused


type timespec_t = struct {
i64 sec
i64 nsec


type sockaddr_in = struct {
u16 sin_family
u16 sin_port
u32 sin_addr
arr<u8,8> sin_zero


type sockaddr_in6 = struct {
u8 sin6_len
u8 sin6_family
u16 sin6_port
u32 sin6_flowinfo
// ipv6 address(128-bit)
arr<u32,4> sin6_addr
u32 sin6_scope_id


type sockaddr_un = struct {
u8 sun_len
u8 sun_family
// char sun_path[108];
arr<u8,108> sun_path

fn call6(int number, cptr a1, cptr a2, cptr a3, cptr a4, cptr a5, cptr a6):int

fn open(string filename, int flags, u32 perm):int

fn read(int fd, [u8] buf):int

fn read(int fd, cptr buf, int len):int

fn readlink(string file, [u8] buf):int

fn write(int fd, [u8] buf):int

fn write(int fd, cptr buf, int len):int

fn close(int fd)

fn unlink(string path)

fn seek(int fd, int offset, int whence):int

fn fork():int

fn exec(string path, [string] argv, [string] envp)

fn stat(string filename):stat_t

fn fstat(int fd):stat_t

fn mkdir(string path, u32 mode)

fn rmdir(string path)

fn rename(string oldpath, string newpath)

fn exit(int status)

fn getpid():int

fn getppid():int

fn getcwd():string

fn kill(int pid, int sig)

fn wait(int pid, int option):(int, int)

fn chdir(string path)

fn chroot(string path)

fn chown(string path, u32 uid, u32 gid)

fn chmod(string path, u32 mode)

fn clock_gettime(int clock_id):timespec_t

fn socket(int domain, int t, int protocol):int

fn bind(int sockfd, sockaddr_t addr)

fn bind(int sockfd, sockaddr_in6 addr)

fn listen(int sockfd, int backlog)

fn accept(int sockfd, ptr<sockaddr_t> addr):int

fn recvfrom(int sockfd, [u8] buf, int flags):int

fn sendto(int sockfd, [u8] buf, int flags):int

fn get_envs():[string]

fn get_env(string key):string

fn set_env(string key, string value)

fn unshare(int flags)

fn mount(string source, string target, string fs_type, u32 flags, string data)

fn umount(string target, u32 flags)