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Release Notes

The versioning of nature follows Semantic Versioning. Versions 0.1 ~ 1.0 consist of two parts:

The upper half always carries a beta tag, indicating it's not ready for production use.

The lower half has a stable and backward-compatible syntax API. At this point, nature can be used for individual independent/open-source projects, but no LTS version is provided.

When version 1.0 is released, nature will officially be used for open-source/commercial projects and will have an LTS version.

VersionContentEstimated Release Time
v0.1.0-betaBasic Syntax Release2023-05
v0.2.0-betaType System/Basic Syntax2023-07
v0.3.0-betaPackage Management/Syntax2023-09
v0.4.0-betaBasic Standard Library2023-11
v0.5.0-betaSmall Test Cases/Bug Fixes2024-02
v0.6.0-betaLSP Development/Editor Support2024-04
v0.7.0Medium Test Cases/Stable API2024-07
v0.8.0+Preparations for Official Release2024-09
v1.0.0Official Release2025-

Core features that are still in planning will be gradually integrated into subsequent versions.

  • Integration and optimization of key syntax like switch/try
  • wasm architecture compilation
  • Coroutine feature support
  • Compilation for darwin systems
  • Function label feature support
  • Progressive GC improvements
  • Compilation for riscv architecture
  • Compilation for windows systems


Release history:

Version: v0.4.0-beta

Release: 2023-09


  1. Compile-time error optimization, displaying filename and line number, type errors show original type identifiers
  2. Runtime error provides stack trace
  3. Multi-line comments /****/ support
  4. Import supports prefix-less import import utils as *
  5. Small test cases parker
  6. Parameter destructuring support, example call(...vec)
  7. Generic type supports recursion type numbert = gen intergert|flotert
  8. Binary operators || && support
  9. Package management import dir support, will automatically find dir's main.n
  10. Package management import xxx_temp support, can define temp files to interact with static libraries
  11. nature struct adjusted to be isomorphic with C, can directly pass nature struct to C language
  12. Data type arr<T,len> support, allocated on the stack, isomorphic to C's T ident[len]
  13. New syntax support, nature struct defaults to stack allocation, can get a heap-allocated p through ptr<person> p = new person
  14. Type constraints after as, like var s = {} as {u8}, declares a set type constrained to {u8}, equivalent to {u8} s = {}
  15. Package management supports declaring links for static library linking and temps for template declaration
  16. New standard library for strings import strings
  17. To better interact with C, new types cptr and cptr<T> added
  18. Added built-in syntax keyword sizeof to calculate type size, usage example int s = sizeof(person)
  19. New standard libraries fmt/os/path/strings/time
  20. New template files (for interacting with C) builtin_temp (default import), dirent_temp, libc_temp, strings_temp, syscall_temp


  1. Type param can only be defined globally
  2. Global variables support type inference
  3. Removed set function, declare an empty set through as constraint
  4. List type definition adjusted to vec, supports declaring vec with original struct and specifying length, example var terms = vec<u8>{len=12,cap=24}
  5. String type adjusted to be isomorphic with vec, supports accessing and assigning through str[0], and supports for-in iteration
  6. Vec type method list.len() adjusted to type attribute, list.len, and supports type methods like slice/concat
  7. For loop expression errors and break and continue redeclaration errors
  8. Generic type i = gen int|int64 basic types consistent when repeatedly generated
  9. Register allocation interval_add_range adds range error
  10. set.contains() calculates hash slot error
  11. Defining fn in struct exception
  12. Linker elf rela addend calculation exception, addend = next_inst_offset - current_inst_rel offset
  13. ssa rename exception, some linear var def not renamed
  14. If multi-line expression parser parsing exception
  15. Automatic GC trigger time exception, adjusted GC trigger point to user mode
  16. malloc allocates repeated memory areas, causing GC exception due to not clearing the area, malloc actively clears the allocated area
  17. Import priority exception, local ident can override import ident
  18. Fixed gcc11 global variable redefinition error #16