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is a programming language and compiler, may you be able to experience the joy of programming.

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import fmt

fn fib(int n):int {
if n <= 1 {
return n
return fib(n - 1) + fib(n - 2)

fmt.printf('fib result is %d', fib(30))

Functions Defined

A fib evaluation function was defined using recursion.

Call the fib function and pass its result to fmt.printf for output.

Install nature and execute the compile command

> nature build fib.n && ./main
fib result is 832040

What's possible


Game engine and game production


Science and AI computing


Operating Systems and Internet of Things


WEB development


⚙ī¸ Reliable

The type system assists you in writing efficient and reliable applications, while cross-platform static compilation can help you quickly build and deploy your applications.

🌟 Concise

A concise syntax and smooth learning curve minimize your learning cost and allow you to write concise and elegant code.

đŸŗ Open

Nature is a programming language that belongs to its users. Everyone has the ability to contribute their own ideas or directly participate in its development.

Code Examples

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